President, Nick Stefanacci brings a new vision and swagger to the music industry.  Driven by passion, Sweet Lion Music brilliantly takes music to the next level.  Whether Nick is the producer, artist or philanthropist, it is clear that his vision is the same.  

"You can do anything, just go out and do it!"  

Nick's passion is at the very heart of Sweet Lion Music.  Producer, Pop Fusion Saxophonist, Festival Developer and Philanthropist, Nick's endless pursuit to balance life and music is the roar behind Sweet Lion Music.  

As a producer, bringing an artist's vision to sound and achieving the highest level of musicianship is what Nick strives to accomplish every time he steps behind the glass. 

Pop Fusion Saxophonist and composer, Stefanacci, simply tears down musical stereotypes as a saxophonist bringing a new focus to what music can be. 

Being a young Philanthropist is at the core of Nick's soul.  Music has taken Nick around the world and to be able to give back and help is just the beginning of Nick paying it forward! 

Bio Quick Hits

  • Touring Saxophonist with Commercial Jazz Trumpeter, Cindy Bradley
  • Saxophonist for Spanish Ambassador
  • 2017 Fourth of July Fireworks Spectacular
  • 2016 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade (Saxophonist for Diamante Electrico)
  • Founder of The Promise Music Festival